Sandry's Birds :: Change Log


Bird Script Version 1.3
allow owner to switch drinking on/off using
drink command with yes or no argument

Manual Version 1.3
Includes new drink* commands.

Bird Script Version 1.2
Animation Script Version 1.1
added drink, drinkleft and drinkright poses
added drink, drink2, drink3, drink4 animations

Bird Script Version 1.1.1
added perched as pseudonym for static or perch
modded manual URL to

Bird Script Version 1.1
Split scripts to prevent stack-heap collisions.
LL had clearly changed something behind the scenes because the birds were
not crashing after the script changes that were made in February, but they
are now. In 1.1 the main bird functions are handled in the Bird script and
the animations and songs are handled in a separate Animations script.

new command: perch. pseudonym for static
modified label on URL loader to "Bird Manaual"
simplified function for choosing random actions

Bird Version 1.0.2
This is a late posting to the change log.

Rewrite of scripts used in birds' legs. The amount of function calls made
when the bird is in static and active modes has been cut down to a
tiny fraction of the previous version. Although this update does not
produce anything new outwardly, it is recommended because it makes far
more efficient use of the sim's resources.

Manual Version 1.1
There are no changes to features.
Changes made to wording to aid clarity and the word "Robin" was replaced in
most cases with "bird" making the manual generic to all Sandry's Birds
rather than just the model. (The Canary was released today.)

Bird Script Version 1.0.1
Song volume was reported incorrectly if set to anything other than 0 or 10.